Original Australian Art ‘Floods on the Castlereagh’ 120cm x 76cm

Oil on Linen

$3,260.00 inc GST

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Floods on the Castlereagh

120cm x 76cm Oil on Linen

The Castlereagh River in flood as it snakes its way across the red soil plains is truly a wondrous sight.  Edged by sandbars and mulga the blue river plies a wondrous backdrop to the red soil plains.   A lone wedge-tail surveys all below him adding movement to a big Australian sky.

The painting is on linen stretched over a light timber frame.   The frame can be removed and the painting safely rolled and placed securely in a cylinder for shipping.   This then allows the painting to be reframed to suit the location where it is to be displayed.


Terrence John Hadler

Permeated by the ethos of “I love a Sunburnt Country” Terrence John Hadler’s painted tributes to Australia’s vast and diverse land/sea/desert scapes pay homage to its unfathomable rawness and resilient beauty.

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