Ron Coles (Retired)

Ron Coles (Retired)

Ron Cole’s Retirement.   May 2021.

For more than 50 years Ron has been crafting his beautiful works from a wide variety of Australian Native Timbers, not just the usual selection available, Ron would know where to find the cream of the crop, travelling far and wide, to create the fine examples we came so accustomed to receive from him.   Many of his favorite timbers included magnificent Red Gum Burls, WA Banksia was another challenging favorite to carve as were the Grass Trees and beautiful Red Mallee Burls.   The unique creations that appeared from left overs, like the Echidnas, cracked egg shell bowls, the many beautiful desk clocks, Tea Lights and candle holders.   Each and every one of Ron’s products was a work of art, loved by our customers.

Unfortunately we have only been associated with Ron, his lovely supporting wife Anne and their son Brett who was always very helpful in conveying messages, for twenty years a wonderful 20 years of friendship and business.   We  have been so fortunate to have known and worked with them.

We wish them every success in their retirement with many happy years ahead.

We can’t thank you enough Ron, Anne and Brett for your wonderful friendship, products, support and association.

In appreciation of Ron’s beautiful work we are leaving some examples here for you to admire.

Wood Turner, Ron Coles, was born in Kiama, New South Wales in 1939. After many years as a market gardener, Ron began wood turning in 1989 to follow a passion held with wood since his childhood.

Ron and Anne now reside in Dorrigo, northern New South Wales.

The sometimes harsh conditions that Australian timbers endure create vibrant colours and fascinating shapes which dictate the form of the turned or carved piece, thus enabling the collector to appreciate and preserve part of our Australian heritage. Ron works with timbers from most areas of Australia but burls from Western Australia and New South Wales are his preferred choice. These burls are an unnatural growth on the trunk or root of a tree and are very highly prized by Turners.

Ron’s work is represented in galleries throughout New South Wales and Victoria, with pieces being purchased by collectors from around the world as well as within Australia.