Eddie and David Wentorf

Eddie and David Wentorf

Eddie was born in Bremen Germany and at the age of seven came to Australia with his parents.

Eddie has had more than 50 years of extensive foundry experience, but no formal art training, and after an accident was searching for a way to use his skills.  He began with clay but it had its limitations in the style of work he was looking for.  Having worked with metal all of his working life he turned towards bronze creating beautiful bronze iconic pieces representing Australian wildlife.

Eddie, joined by his son David, together they have complete control over the process from the first sculpture produced in wax to pouring the molten bronze, as they operate their own foundry.   Over the years they have created a very unique range of  bronze sculptures, including many Australian wildlife icons.

Wentorf Bronze skillfully employs a traditional Foundry casting technique to produce an exquisite range of bronze Australian animals.  Every cast is unique.  Each piece is first produced in wax that is then coated in a ceramic slurry to build a shell of 5mm thickness.  The wax is removed under steam pressure and the ceramic shell fired to 1000° Celsius to remove the wax and vitrify the shell.  Molten bronze is then poured into the shell.  After cooling, each shell is sandblasted off to reveal the bronze.  Each piece is patinated, polished and clear coated.

Of all of  their special work, the beautiful bronze recreations of the Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, is up there with the best of their work.