Rod Jones (Retired)

Rod Jones (Retired)

The timber in the bench in our shop came from an old Elm tree in Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens. The tree had been blown over in a severe storm some years ago.

All timber work and shelving in our shop was crafted especially for us by Master Craftsman Rod Jones.

Prior to moving to this location, we were for fifteen years in two locations in The Block Arcade, Shop 13 and Shop 20. In that time Rod crafted fittings for each of the shops and each time we moved he dismantled his work and fitted it in to the new shop, adding pieces where required. Most of the timber fittings have had several moves.

The beautiful area displaying our bronze collection was the front window in Shop 20, crafted by Rod.  When he moved it here, he needed an extra post (near the window). This Red Gum piece was a fence post in a paddock for many, many decades. You can see the stain in the upper area which was embedded in the dirt for all that time creating a unique stain, into which Rod has carved a beautiful fairy house. You will notice quite a few carvings throughout the shop which Rod gets much enjoyment creating. We have never asked him for these features and get a pleasant surprise when he brings a new piece in. You will notice the Eagle above the storeroom door, this came from Shop 20.

With each move we have been very fortunate to have had Rod’s services in relocating the fittings to the new premises, where he has installed them as if they were tailor made, adding pieces where required.

His work was complemented by work by our Block Maintenance Wizz, Noddy and his boys. The lighting was specially designed and manufactured for us by an Australian lighting designer who manufactures here, Diglin.

If you are unable to visit our shop personally, please take a Virtual Tour via the TAB on our HOME page which will give you a wonderful tour of our shop.

We are very appreciative of all the work Rod has done for us, especially in fitting out the three shops we have occupied and wish him a very enjoyable retirement.

In appreciation of Rod’s beautiful work we are leaving some examples here for you to admire.