.Paintings Original Australian Art Miniature Size 15cm x 11cm

Many to choose from, message us for a picture of a selection of our current stock.

$75.00 inc GST

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Terrence John Hadler is one of Australia’s finest Artists who has been creating beautiful Australian paintings for more than 40 years.  Having grown up in country Australia his works capture the natural beauty of Australia, including historic rural scenes and he paints beautiful gum trees too.  His love of the Australian landscape with it’s never ending changing colours between dawn and dusk are captured in his work along with the vivacious orange earth colours of outback Australia.

Terrence specially creates these very unique beautifully framed miniature paintings to include the depth of the work he is renowned for, large Australian landscapes, trees and sporting events.

There are many miniature paintings to choose from, please send us a message for pictures of a selection of our stock.

They come in a lovely presentation box with a profile of Terrence, a notice on the back of each painting titles the painting.

Terrence John Hadler

Permeated by the ethos of “I love a Sunburnt Country” Terrence John Hadler’s painted tributes to Australia’s vast and diverse land/sea/desert scapes pay homage to its unfathomable rawness and resilient beauty.

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