Bronze Dunnart

Sculpture up to 18cm H approx handmade in Australia.

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This solid bronze and Australian made sculpture, 18cm H approx, features a Dunnart that inhabit a whole host of environments, are only found in Australia.  They live in arid and semi-arid woodlands, heathy forests, coastal ranges, dry sclerophyll forest, mallee scrub and grasslands.  Some species live on the edges of paddocks, others thrive in deserts.  Dunnarts don’t need to drink at all, they get the water they need from their prey!

Hand made by Louise and Pete Smit at their Queensland foundry, arguably the smallest commercial foundry in Australia. They use the 3000-year-old Lost Wax Process using the traditional foundry casting technique. Every cast is unique with each piece first produced in wax which is then coated in a ceramic slurry to build a shell of 5mm thickness. The wax is then shock eliminated at 1000 C in a kiln, sintering the shell at the same time. The wax is recycled. Molten bronze is then poured into the shell. After cooling, each shell is sandblasted to reveal the bronze which is patinated, polished and clear coated. Enthralled by the majesty and diversity of the wildlife in this magnificent land and captivated by even the smallest of its creatures, Pete’s research for new subjects will never end.

Pete Smit (Retired)

Pete and Louise Smit, Cobble Cast, have been creating beautiful solid bronze pieces for more than 30 years in their small foundry in Queensland. They use the 3,000 year old Lost Wax Process using traditional casting techniques. Each piece is handled up to 18 times during the process and it is unconditionally guaranteed.

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