Kate McColl

Kate McColl

With every stroke of the brush or pencil, Kate McColl highlights both the beauty and elegance of her subjects. By limiting herself to the essential elements of the medium, she’s able to not only create something new, but also showcase her artistic process.

Born in Dunedin, New Zealand, Kate was drawn to art from a young age, and was especially fascinated with capturing the emotions and nuances of the human face. This started her journey into portraiture where she experimented with pencil and paint, and also techniques such as finger painting and wood cutting.

She later continued her experimentation at the University of Canterbury, where she fell in love with abstract art and its ability to emphasise both the medium and her artistic process. After completing her four year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Kate moved to Melbourne to immerse herself in the city’s artistic culture.

Kate’s focus on showcasing her medium gives her portraits a unique style where each and every precise line creates a rawness that can’t be captured by a photograph. In her own unique way, Kate doesn’t just capture a moment in time, she brings it back to life.